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Now, I’ve been in china for three months .But, I haven’t been keeping a blog like this until right now. First post you'llshow me some love. I suppose it's a matter of gestation, needing some timeto ferment everything. After all China is A. Massive, and B. Hectic, everythingis in a swirl of movement, takes some time to thinkthrough what you're seeing.

So now we're going to do some back upstory, I came here in January, exactly on American New Years. An auspiciousbeginning if there ever was one. The flight to China didn't go exactly asplanned, for whatever in life ever goes exactly as planned. I arrived in Shanghaiafter an 11 hours flight at midnight, looking like anill-tempered zombie I'm sure. An hour of time was used to pass through customsand dear lord put that visa that I struggled over to good use, AND to collectmy boulders of luggage. By the time this was all done it was well pastmidnight, then, I was to catch a bus outside of the airport and ride it to ahotel close by, where I would graciously be provided a room for the night.That's right my first night in China and I was being treated to a fancy hotelroom, this was definitely the right choice. Oh by the way they weren'tproviding me a hotel JUST to be nice, my flight from America had been delayedeight freaking hours, way later than the time I was supposed to arrive inShanghai, this made me obviously miss the connecting flight to Nanjing where Iwould have met the family. So the airline put me up for the night no stringsattached. Then I would catch the flight to Nanjing the next day and be on mymerry way to the hopefully wonderful arms of my host family. Along the way, ASCis always by my side, working with me and texting methroughout all of this, keeping spirits high and making sure I didn't lapseinto a sleep deprived coma. From the very beginning, ASC has been a pillar of strength and support, thanks ASC.

I also want to mention, I got to haggle my first night in China. That'sright, getting super friendly with the locals. Since I arrived so late, the busthat was supposed to take me to the hotel, had conveniently stopped running,great knowing this, there was a bevy of taxi drivers around,spotting a chance to make a few RMB off of us airport cattle. Us needing someways to get to our hotels so late in the evening, they knew we would need themtoo. Eventually I caught on, there was definitely no bus around, and afterwatching my fellow nighttime flight mates slowly disappearing of with thesedrivers, so, the driver and I got our cross cultural communication going, hequickly explained that yes the bus is long gone, and that he would drive me tothe hotel. This is where I prove that I'm definitely not the brightest bulb inthe room. I asked how much it would cost to get to the hotel, he explained thatit's really close by, only 10 RMB. To my exhausted brain and no logicwhatsoever, I told him I wanted to pay less, he kindly told me, "no"and that concluded my career as a hotshot businessman. I also want to point outthat his car was parked, through a maze of bushes and barbed wire. To me thisgave an impression of, dear lord am I going to be kidnapped? I wasn't kidnappedby the way, he was a nice guy, I wish I had made friends with him and snagged his Wechat. We made it to the hotel and I quicklymade best friends with the bed instead. Thus ending my day and a half journeyfrom America to China. This was my first experience in China. I got to have afancy hotel room to myself, complete with a TV and instant coffee. Things werelooking up, by midnight the next day I would meet the family, ASC and get started on this whole, Au pair thing. That's it, tune in nexttime for more thrilling descriptions of life in China.

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