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Au Pair Diary Ⅱ-2

My life now:

I feel much better now. I like my host family, I like the  kids. I really have a feeling of "elder sister". 
Also I notice they have been improving their English. It makes me feel so good because I really spend a lot of energy for that. 
Of course in the end of a week  I feel so tired (psychically) and exhaust (emotionally).  Honestly it's really hard to be with children all the time, even if I like them because I always take  to heart  everything.  It means I'm almost never relaxed with children. So,  my days-off help me to recuperate and start a new week. Hah, yes,  for me a week begins on Friday and ends on Wednesday because my day-off is Thursday :) 
So, now I  got used  to live in China. Of course I can't say, I got used to everything here.  
Sometimes I still can't understand if I do something right or wrong. I see the difference between our cultures. Actually I'm used to live western way that's why from time to time I have a feeling like I do something wrong. I wouldn't like my host family and others think I'm a rude girl because I never do something rude or bad purposely.  I'd like my host family and Chinese friends tell me if I do something wrong. It's my bad side. Each time when I make mistakes I always suffer a lot.

 I do like:
1. To eat by chopsticks :D
2. To open something new for me 
3. To learn Chinese lifestyle
4. To meet new interesting people
5. To talk to my host mom
6. Chinese food (especially fruits and fried vegetables)
7. China helps me to learn me and open my hidden sides. 

What have been helping me to adapt?

* First of all it's my host mom. She is so perfect. She is a beautiful, smart and open-minded woman. I think I'm so lucky to be an au-pair in this family. She really does everything to make me feel like I'm at my real home. Also I like to talk to her as with a friend. It's great because she tells me many interesting things and I may share with my stories and trust her some secrets. I'm so thankful to her. 

* My new friends. I met really nice people here. Wherever I have lived  for me it was always very important to find someone whom  I could talk, go out and have fun with. When I'd just come to China  I realized that almost nobody spoke English. So I felt loneliness.  But then almost every day I met new persons who wanted and could talk to me. Finally I have  found the good friends who really make my life better. Each time when I chill with them I truly feel so relaxed! They make me forget my troubles, cares and worries and help me enjoy my Chinese life. Emotionally it's quite complicated to be with children all the time. That's why my days off give me a  fit of energy for а next week. And they let me feel the lovely freedom.

* My family, close friends and bf. They helped and supported me very much!!  Even if my parents didn't want me to go to China, as I said before.  Anyway when I came to China they always called me and supported me. My close friends and  bf knew my real emotions and feelings and they wrote me every day, cheered me up and made me feel better.  I'm unreal thankful to them.

* My business. I have a lot of things to do when I have free time. That's why I'm never bored. For example,  I read 3 different books, I have a blog and I should write the articles,  I still learn French and Spanish + now I learn Chinese, and also I help my friends with English and do some exercises for improving my level. I play piano, I help my Argentinian  friend with his Argentinian - Chinese cultural project and etc. 

* My personality. First of all I  know my host family spent a lot energy, time and money to find me and invite me. I respect it that's why  I should do my best. In the second place it's a feeling of responsibility.   If I started  to do something I must finish it. I suppose it's too easy to give up. Sometimes I think November is so far. But I know I'll  be proud of me when I have done that! More by token I always can find positive sides of anything and I can be patient when I dislike something.
Also it's important to be able  to accept  the new things even if you don't like them. Honestly I can't say I like everything in China, but I'm able to accept that and make up my mind to that.
I guess there are necessary traits for au-pairs:  being open-minded, easy-going, responsible,  talkative, positive, adaptive. 

Generally, I like China. I'm so happy  to have this kind of experience. And  I'm very glad to learn one of the hardiest languages in the world!! 
China helps me understand who I am.