The current economic development in China and the job opportunities aligned to this are sky-rocketing regardless of the industry. Getting to know Chinese culture in a professional business setting and learning new industry-specific skills right here is an invaluable and incomparable opportunity for young professionals starting out.Many interns even remain in China after their internship to seek out jobs in China. It goes without saying that an internship experience here in China will give your career the needed edge to land your dream job in this globally competitive climate. As a diverse melting pot culturally, linguistically, and socially, China currently holds the number one spot for being the ultimate place to live and work.

Internships Organized by Host Families:Our host parents come from various professional backgrounds spanning almost all fields. Some are leaders in business or government, others in art and music. We have host parents who work in law, education, real estate, the food industry, fashion, trading, film, healthcare, etc. At home they’re simply moms and dads, but in the workplace they may be government leaders, CEOs, managers, pop stars, lawyers, teachers, officials, doctors, professors, and so on.

Many are interested in inviting ASC students to visit their place of work to give them a glimpse into the Chinese business world and local business and work life. At the side of a manager you’ll receive a great opportunity to learn and grow. Some host parents even let their ASC students take part in various tasks and projects, making this a genuine internship opportunity. 

Organized by ASC Center:ASC’s head office is specialized in Chinese enterprises’ training, which had thousands of big companies for last ten years. We are quite confident to find a internship for you in China. The ASC Center can also set-up an internship for you. For instance in our own office you could work in editing and translation and, if skilled enough to do so, conduct interviews with applicants who, just like you, are interested in coming to China with ASC. You would even have a say in who is accepted into the program, based on their motivations and expectations.