Chinese Families

The Single Child Policy in China has lasted for 3 decades, which generated 150 million single-child family in China. Therefore, a three-member family is very popular paten in China. But among ASC families, we found that about 1/3 host families whom are capable of hosting au pairs have 2 or even 3 kids, and in some rare cases (about 10%), the grandparents will also reside in the same house. But whichever the case, the concept of “family” in China is not as big as in Europe, it means the au pair’s work is easy to be identified and be appreciated. 

Unlike our neighbor Japan, China’s couples normally won’t stop pursuing their career goals after they have kid(s). Although due to different nature of the family member’s background, their outlook of life can be various, most of ASC host families do have something in common. About 95% of our families have international interaction experiences. For instance, one or both of the family parents have overseas study experience(s), and (or) they work in international enterprises, and (or) the family kid(s) is in the international school/kindergarten, and (or) the family holds other country’s nationality. In one word, they understand well about how the au pair means and how it works. 

Like the above description, the kids in Chinese families have a lot of school time and not much leisure time and the parents are always busy, they rely on others to take care of their kids’ leisure time, including developing their kids’ hobbies like sports games and musical instruments, maintaining their kids’ mental health by providing constant companion, taking care of their kids’ daily life by hiring A Yi (fulltime or part-time family assistant). If there’s kid under 2 years old, the family will also have a professional nanny. The au pair will be more like a companion to the kid(s), but a further interest in sports and instruments can be an huge advantage while be with the kid(s).