About us

ASC dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and intercultural learning to the world. ASC uses its core program, AuPair Study in China, to introduce foreign culture to our traditional and beautiful country. 

The ASC program is unique way to experience China. Based on international Au Pair standards, this program has continually evolved from the experiences and feedback of the participants. Our hosts are all affluent, well-connected families interested in broadening their children’s horizons through international exchange. The family and the center also understand each ASC student’s desire to learn about China during their stay, and we thought study as an international student is a best way. During your homestay in host family and study in a university or college, we will make every effort to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. Above all, the ASC program is named for its three key elements: Aupair, Study and Chinese culture. Check out our sidebar to learn more!

ASC is an international cultural exchange program with strong education and training components. Conducted under the general guideline of International AuPair Association (IAPA),  ASC program connects families in China with Au Pairs from all over the world. We strive to introduce the philosophy of Au Pairing to Chinese families while exposing Chinese cultures, customs, and values to foreign Au Pairs.

ASC works with International Partners around the globe who send or receive Au Pairs to/from ASC. Presently, ASC has its own office in Shanghai and Nanjing, One is good for touring and another on is good for living. We have broad host families situated all around Changjiang Delta area and other places in China and we are the only agency that don’t require any registration fees and deposit from au pair while still providing high-quality pair-up, visa application and post-training services, therefore, wherever you want to be in China, we are here to assist you with all our efforts.

All of our ASC staffs are experienced individuals to assist you in any occasions you encountered in your life in China. Some of the staffs also had overseas au pair experiences and the others are current or potential host families. Therefore, we fully understand how challenge your decision could be and are willingly to support you at any time from our end.